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Reach Latin America within one-click

Electronic commerce in Latin America continues to grow by leaps and bounds.

 The trend towards the digitization of purchases (E-commerce) has transcended the appearance of the coronavirus, becoming an increasingly normal habit in the daily lives of Latin Americans, and it is also expected to grow by more than 20% by 2025. 

Know the figures in each of the countries and project the scope that your product will have in these markets.
CBT sales to LatinAmerica in USD
Source: Statista 2022

E-commerce in LatinAmerica

Percentage of online shoppers who have made purchases Cross Border 2021
Source: Statista 2022
Do not miss the opportunity of a market in constant growth such as Latin America

Don't miss out on this opportunity for your business!

Our ecosystem will allow you to connect through state-of-the-art technology such as the Pug and Play API from the US to Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Ecuador, Uruguay and the Caribbean markets, with more than 666 million inhabitants and enormous potential shown.
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